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Le vacanze stanno arrivando ma spesso, tornati dal periodo estivo, soffriamo di una strana sindrome da rientro: tristezza, malinconia, poca energia ... Non si tratta di una vera e proprie depressione fortunatamente però è un'antipatica condizione di disagio psicologico. Vediamo come possiamo combatterla e prevenirla.


Sindrome da rientro? Stress lavoro correlato o disturbi dell'umore vi colpiscono sia dopo le ferie che a volte anche durante il corso delle vacanze? Spesso la soluzione di queste sgradevoli situazioni è molto più rapida del previsto. Contattatemi con fiducia (tel 335.5880355 o email - se avete bisogna di una consulenza, possiamo incontrarci in studio od online tramite Skype.


Where am I? I’m here in Villa Bellini, in the middle of the beautiful Catania city, where I have come for job and leisure, and just about leisure I’ve been thinking about holidays … we’re entering the holiday season … and what happens often? When we when come back from holidays, we go to meet what is called post-vacation blues, our mood goes down, a strange sadness ‘cause we have to return to work etcetera. What can we do to limit this kind of discomfort, a disease that can be defined as a real depression. The first tip is: do not do things in a hurry. I mean, back from vacations but give yourself some days to compensate before you start to work. If you come back from holiday and straightaway, the day after, half a day after you go to work could be a little bit traumatic; but if you come back from vacation and you give yourself the right time to harmonize to the city and domestic “mood”, this can helps your return to the everyday life. Another issue to think about is that we can import in our everyday life the happy and carefree attitude that we have in the holiday season. For instance, we can begin to look and live our cities as we never done before, that is with a curious eyes and with a “light” attitude which we usually avoid because in our city we suffer from a mild social anxiety so we pay much attention to how we behave, to what others may think of us, things which we don’t do when we're on holiday and in fact we have a lot more fun. A third thing to think about is the difference between our everyday life and the live we have had in holiday: remember that thanks to your job, your everyday commitments, you can afford the holiday season! Not everybody can afford the holiday season, many people don’t have jobs! Well, we should not always look at who is most unfortunate of us to feel happy, anyway start to think to your life in a global dimension, not like separate pieces: our holiday is something that rationally follows our everyday life in our home. Last issue, how much is different the life we live everyday in comparison with the life we spent in the holiday season? As I said before, it’s normal that in holiday time we have an happier way of life but is up to us to understand how much really unhappy is our everyday life. I mean, it’s ok if you’re experiencing post-vacation blues but if we realize that return to our daily lives is a huge effort, then here it is no longer a holiday problem but maybe there is something in our daily life that weighs heavily upon us, something on which we can reflect, something we can try to fix and, in that case, psychology can be quite helpful. Bye and see you in my next video.




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